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Originally Posted by Nighthawk424 View Post
I do not understand what the attraction is of listening to your home scanner when out. When I am home sure I will sit and listen to my base scanner with base antenna. But when I am out with a portable or mobile scanner then that is part of the fun. I want to hear what is happening around me not what is happening at home. Sure a lot of the time I might be monitoring the same frequencies if I am close to home. That is part of the fun though. To see how the coverage is inside the local walmart. Or if I go further from home then of course I start thinking of new things to listen to that I would not from home. Besides that the whole idea of listening with a cell phone or some device seems so finicky and unreliable. I WANT to be playing with a real radio not a cell phone.And what if there was a real emergency or severe weather etc and the cell phones / internet was down anyways? That is why we have radios in the first place. I just could not imagine going around with ear buds in trying to listen to some online broadcast of my home scanner or any scanner for that matter. Someone please explain to me what the attraction of this is. Is there something I am missing? Why not carry a radio on your belt?
Well, for me, I already carry my personal phone, work phone, computer, and misc other items back and forth from work to home every day; i don't wanna lug one more thing around with me, and have one more piece of tech gear littering my desk.

The area I want to monitor, I can pick up everything from my house with the antenna I have outside. I also have several other jobs I do other than my 8-5, one of which involves working on a farm. Again, I don't like cluttering up my work space, and since I already carry my phone with me, it'd be nice not to have a scanner hanging off of me or rattling around in a tractor cab.

And not to offend anyone who does... but I'm not about to go walking around with a police scanner flopping around off my belt.... just not gonna do it.

It'd be nice to be able to listen when I want to without having to have the scanner right there on me, when I already have a phone that could stream the audio to me.

*edit* also, the building I work in has crap reception for anything wireless. When I first got the 536, I brought it to work with me one day to tinker with when I had time, and I couldn't pick up crap from inside. So, a scanner at work, would be a waste of time.
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