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Originally Posted by Mogman View Post
I have run into another issue with the X9000 Syntor, if I select a "mode" for user scan I can not delete it, I can make it yellow, red or flashing red but can not extinguish the scan "select light" during user programing...

There are 2 types of scan that can be used on the Syntor X9000. One is operator select and the other is fixed scan. I don't like operator scan, as it goes away when you power down the radio. The next time you power the radio up, you have to set the operator scan again. So I use the fixed scan as it stays there. Power off the radio and then power it back up, the scan channels is still there.

I don't remember if I mentioned it before, but you can't change anything with fixed scan with the ham version of the software. I use the normal version of the software to set the scan. But you have to have normal, in band frequencies in all the modes before you can set the fixed scan.

If anyone needs more info on the scan, just say something.
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