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Thanks for the information Jim,,I guess that explains why I get a run time error every time I try to program a mode in a scan list, Man this is a pain, I do need two scan lists for the radio in the XYLs truck so she can monitor law enforcement (no TX frequencies programmed of course) Big pastime for her seeing we live out in the sticks with not much else for entertainment. I did not realize I was running "ham" software, it is 6.00SP. Looks like the Syntor is not very friendly to periodic modification. I too have noticed how messed up the MPL programming is but can see if one pays close attention it can be done. It looks like the STD 6.00 will let me set up scan lists without programming frequencies into the modes, I have not tried to output it to the radio yet. of course the first thing I do after verifying a radio is operating correctly is do the firmware and EEPROM upgrade. I just picked up one of the WA state radios (High Band) with the AUX. receiver port, great radio after removing the RX splitter as it has a preamp and makes 0.2 uV. for 12 db sinad no problem.
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