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Originally Posted by W2MR View Post
They were on VHF High Band back then. I believe each district had a pair of frequencies, one base tx and the other mobile tx. Patrol cars had a four frequency radio 1)Dispatch 2)Citywide 3)Tac 1 4)Tac 2
Detectives cars had two radios, the second one was 1 frequency on Tac 1. The supervisors car had two radios. The Antenna Specialists ASP-201 antenna came with an uncut whip (to cover the airband (108-137 MHz). The installer had to cut it to proper length.
Interesting info. Thanks for sharing.. Love to hear from Harry on his perspective. So are you saying that antenna was correct for that time with LAPD in this lower band? How would one notice the antenna was not to it's resonate frequency..or just not cut per the OP keen eye. I'm not sure how one could see that the antenna was cut at 108 MHz. The actual year and episode would be cool to have listed, and actually see for ourselves...the episodes are all on netflix. I believe there was four-five years of episodes.
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