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TN has a set of Mutual Aid freqs for LEA interop formerly called officially the LETS, as well as an set for MED, and Fire/EMA. Thats direct from TN DPS/HS FCC filings. There are VHF Low, VHF High, UHF, and 800 MHz. Many of these are Nationwide Interop found in the NIFOG, with the preferred tones etc... The LETS included the VTNMA, the NLEEC, the UTNMA. Also in the VHF line up were the fire triplet (154.2650, 154.2800, 154.2950), the famed HEAR pair (155.3400, 155.2800), and a couple of multi use originally nationwide intercity LEA (155.3700, for example). UHF included the 10 MED's also. 800 were the nationwide ones. Not sure if TN ever set aside an separate 800 for its own set up or not.. Never remember seeing it. TN also has an set of 700 but I don't know what the official line up for them is or if they are officially implemented. The TEMA 800 net is now licensed for P25, as is a couple of conventional for THP. All of the State of TN VHF High, UHF, and 700/800 licenses are modified to have P25 emissions ability. VTNMA, UTNMA, and the 8CALL/8TAC's are licensed in every county statewide, but only listed in individual counties where they are slightly different usage than the usual, or differ in tonage for them, or are used for other than just mutual aid.

And I just found the TN 800 LETS.... 854.1875... Anyone can supply tone.. I will add it.

Oh, and if my memory serves me.. Law Enforcement Tactical Statewide is what LETS means I beleive.
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