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While I agree with most of that, I still maintain that disconnecting an antenna (and the power supply too) from the radio (and yes, get the cable outside the shack) is the safest course. NEC rules aside (it should protect you, but as we all know, lightning has its own rules), they're no guarantee.

Case in point - a few years ago we had a derecho blow through this area with a lot of lightning. I had disconnected all my electronics, but had left a few power strips connected. I took a near-strike, and lost at least 2 strips and one box in the wall. Had I had any outdoor antennas, I would have done as you had suggested, but as my experience proves, depending on NEC rules to protect you can be foolish. Had I had any electronics connected to those plugs (or any outdoor antennas connected to a radio) I would have very likely lost them too

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