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Yes, it is a low voltage problem not an antenna problem. The engine management system in late model Chevrolet trucks controls the alternator voltage and can bump it up under heavy load conditions. This, obviously, does not happen when the truck is not running. Since the radio works properly when the truck is running it is not a radio problem. So that leaves either a weak battery, which you have had tested, or something in the wiring that is causing a voltage drop. The voltage drop will be greater when the current is higher which lets the radio work in receive.

The green and orange wires to the same point in and of itself is not a problem. Low voltage on the green wire can be a problem.

A quick and dirty test. Take a different known good battery and put it in the truck, or at the very least take the second battery and a set of jumper cables and connect directly to the battery terminals in the truck. If the problem goes away it is the battery. If it doesn't it is in the wiring.

I read it on the internet, so it must be true.
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