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Default Unitrunker Release 28

The two most notable features are a working Hold button and ability to support analog and digital calls from a single discriminator tapped voice following receiver.

New Features

Separate audio paths for analog vs. digital voice calls. Allows you to pipe digital voice to a third-party decoder like DSD or DSD+. Gating for analog vs. digital voice. Digital path muted during analog call. Analog path muted during digital call.
Deemphasis check box to HP-1E and wave input (eg. discriminator tapped) receivers.
Added Radio Shack PRO-651 and PRO-652.
Added Whislter WS-1080 and WS-1095.
Display voice service type in receiver window.
P25 scan marker.
Remove obsolete MPT ignore sync option (was replaced by auto-sync).
Include voice service type in channel passed to remote DLL.
Improved merging of sites - now includes bandplan and peer list.
Log active flag on RFSSStatusBroadcast.
Fade animation to honor TTL as well as user's fade interval; TTL defaults to ~3 seconds.
Model AR3000A avaiable (experimental).

Bug Fixes

Hold button on receiver window actually works; Skip takes receiver out of hold.
Checking / un-checking receiver logging options requires re-starting receiver to take effect.
Don't force signal role bank programmable Uniden models into manual mode.
EDACS extended options value was mangled.
Voice role with chase checked was changing park frequency on tuner event.
Fixed deemphasis bug (not set at startup).
Include LCN in channel passed to remote DLL (was zero).
Voice following tweaks for Hold.
A call grant whose IDs matched an active call - but for a different site or system - yanked the call to the call grant's channel.
Logoff cleared subscriber's talkgroup.
XML write fix for buffer size limit check.
Deemphasis now persists.


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