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Originally Posted by vince48 View Post
I'm trying to get Unitrunker and DSDPlus to work. I have got in my signal receiver the digital output to VC1, I have tried both my ARO5000 and R820T. Nothing out of DSDPlus, who's input is VC1.
You don't pair DSD/DSD+ with the signal receiver. You pair it with a voice receiver.

If your voice receiver provides discriminator audio, it will have one audio device input selection and two audio device output settings. One output for piping speech filtered analog voice. Normally this goes to your PC speakers. The other output is for piping discriminator audio to a third party program like DSD or DSD+. Look for the "Analog Audio" and "Digital Audio" device selections on your voice role receiver.

I set my digital output to "Virtual Cable Input #1". If you're running DSD+, use the "-i" switch to specify the corresponding virtual audio cable output. On my laptop, the virtual cable output is the second device in DSD+'s list of input devices so I could use "-i2" to run DSD+.