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Originally Posted by DFDDeputyChief8 View Post
Jerry I'm thinking you may be on to something with the voltage. I switched all the channels on the cps to run low power to see if that would make a difference. The odd thing is I have a Motorola PM 400 in the truck as well and it doesn't reset like the Astro Spectra does . Could it be maybe the ground?

I was on a scene for 20 minutes helping our local ambulance service doing a lift assist . My truck was left on. The only thing running power wise was my Whelen Liberty Lightbar, my led dash light and my led grille lights . And when I went to holler back to dispatch the radio reset, so I'm wondering if maybe it's the alternator not charging the battery ? It's the Original big alternator that comes with the GM Plow Prep Package. But the truck has a 102,000 miles on it.

Back on the 24th, I suggested that you measure the voltage and see what you have. If your not doing the simple trouble shooting as others have suggested, then there is not much else the group can do to help you solve the problem.
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