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Originally Posted by cdknapp View Post
The price, depending on who you buy a Minitor 5 and what options you have it, are competitive. The G1 comes stock with ALL options (scan, second channel [and 62 more] and 16 minutes of voice recording standard; NO options to buy.
And Unication is running an incentive right now where if you buy a new G1 pager and trade in any make/model of working voice pager you get $75 off. That would definitely bring the price of a G1 down below a M5.
The stock batteries that come with the G1 are good batteries. Nice thing about it is that as it uses 2 AAA batteries, so you can not only use any rechargeable AAA with it, but also use alkaline AAA's for times when power (to recharge) is not available. Talk a look around Amazon or E Bay and get the highest capacity you can find, just check user feedback on what you're looking to buy (there are some cheap/crap batteries out and about)
The G1 will use more power if you use it to monitor, and a bit more if you scan with it, but my experience has been that overall battery life is very good. Even in scan mode I am getting 40+ hours (actual use time) between charges. And the stock charger allows you to keep a spare set of AAAs charged outside of the pager, so you can always have a charged back up set ready to go.

If you have any further questions about the G1, please PM me.
Can you please PM about possibly ordering a G1. Thanks for your time.
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