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Default Scanning in Marathon Ontario


I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong Forum. (If this is the case, please advise and I will move it to the appropriate area).

My son moved to Marathon Ontario, earlier this year and I would like to look at possibly purchasing a scanner which would have P25 (APCO) for OPP as well as the ability to monitor the more local channels.

Would anyone have a suggestion where I could purchase an inexpensive portable scanner which could accomplish this? I've checked eBay and some local retailers, however the prices seem a bit high. (My caveat is that I have been out of the scanner-buying activity for quite some time and these price may be quite appropriate for the types of scanners being offered).

Thank you for any replies to this posting. (I just returned from my first visit to Marathon, and was taken aback by its beauty and friendliness of the people.)
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