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Originally Posted by MaxTracker View Post
Yeah I know the one's on LTR's such as TLC, First Response, JPS, Childrens etc. I was looking for the ones Not in the database. Thanks for the info on Allegiance & Lifeguard. Careflite is on the new Megahertz Mototrbo system for the most part. And that system now has a tower in Sherman and I am noticing a lot of LTR users on various Sherman systems have vanished, my guess is they went to the TRBO. I guess Nextel or Sprint connect is still winning over customers. Guess its time to go get a hotel room for the weekend and scan some LTR systems in Dallas.
I may set up the HP-1 with a selection of the LTR systems & let it run for a while. Lock out the "known", non-EMS talkgroups on the systems, and flip all of them to ID Scan.
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