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I don't know about the North Atlantic system, but ours down here goes through the Inmarsat satellite - not much hope of intercepting any messages via that!

From Wikipedia...
The FANS-1 system originally developed by Boeing, and Airbus as FANS-A, are now commonly referred to as FANS-1/A, and is primarily used in oceanic routes by widebodied long haul aircraft. It was originally deployed in the South Pacific in the late 1990s and was later extended to the North Atlantic. FANS-1/A is an ACARS based service and, given its oceanic use, mainly uses satellite communications provided by the Inmarsat Data-2 (Classic Aero) service.
The first aircraft I saw it on was the AirNZ 767's in the 90's but now it's on all the long haul stuff that goes through AKL and Brisbane - they still have to use the HF voice network for backup though but the controller usually says "continue on CPDLC" after the selcal check.
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