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Antennas are reciprocal, whatever they do or whatever pattern they have on receive is the same on transmit. Running a mast up through the elements of a Yagi or Log Periodic with affect TX and RX the same.

Originally Posted by rrbum View Post
Hello, I had wondered the same thing a while back and did some research. I found that for receive only the spacing of two or more antennae on the same mast is not critical, problems do arise if the antennae are for transmitting. Some will disagree but I found convincing scientific documentation which even showed that when the elements were interspersed with each other reception was not negatively impacted. I actually have a mast with two yagis one UHF and one 800-900 mhz seperated by about an inch, they work beautifully.
By the way, if you are interested in a nice 800-900 yagi, I picked up one of these and I see they are still on sale.
LAIRD YA9-11 11dBi 900MHz 8 Element Yagi - 900MHz Antennas - Antennas - Wireless - Products
Sturdy construction and really pulls in the signals. I get good results down into the 700 mhz band with it.
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