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Originally Posted by ka3jjz View Post
More likely one of two things happened here;

a. You were receiving signals from only a single tower, avoiding the issues with simulcast distortion -or-
b. Frederick county's system concentrates its signals within the county using antenna orientation. Other jurisdictions - the city of Philadelphia comes to mind - do this as well

Nevertheless your issue appears to be at least partially resolved...Mike
The ridge Mt. Airy (I-70@ county line) sits upon gives unimpeded line of sight access to multiple sites across a wide range of distances, including New Market (5mi), Vernon(13 mi), Hill St (15mi), Mar Lu (19mi), Gambrill (20 mi), and even Bridgeport (22mi) and Tower Rd(25 mi) can be heard from that distance. To receive LSM the scanner has to be able to sort out the traffic that arrives with between 25 microseconds and 125 microseconds of delay spread. In short, the scanner can't handle the time delay between valid signals it is receiving when trying to render the audio.

Its not a black hole (too little signal) its too much signal, with too much delay, from too many places. Radios can handle it. Scanners can't. Use less antenna, not more. includes a pretty to the point explanation.
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