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Hi tech;
To determine the warp value - you'll need to use another program that provides a waterfall display. The idea is to tune to a known frequency. Expect to see the actual signal some distance away. Increase the correction or "warp" factor until the signal lines up. Save that warp value for later. Note that the correction factor is not the same as a frequency offset which is usually needed when you're using an up-converter. That does not apply hear so leave any offset frequency at zero.
Ok, I think I got that bit figured out now...

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Park the voice receiver on known local station like NOAA weather radio. If there's an active analog voice channel - use that. Adjust the gain up or down as needed. Also adjust the squelch. Once you've got it to your liking, you change change the park frequency to zero.
This is where I start to get a little puzzled. A local Weather Radio station here is at 162.400. All I get is hiss using SDR# or UniTracker. There's a very narrow peak in the spectrum analyzer, but no audio besides hiss.

If I tune to a local FM radio station, it comes in crystal clear. So I'm not sure if my antenna is poor, poorly placed or what.

Originally Posted by Unitrunker View Post
The Calls tab of the site window will display the list of channels with any associated frequencies. If they're zero, the program won't be able to tell the voice receiver to tune to an active call. A band plan maps channel numbers to channel frequencies. Some Motorola systems use a standard bandplan. Your system requires a custom plan. You can fill out the details on the Bandplan tab of the site window. You can also use the download feature to pull down the bandplan from the RR DB.

From the link you provided, the plan is simple - only one row is needed.

Base frequency is 139.635 Mhz. Step size is 15 khz. "Lo" channel number is 380 and "Hi" channel number is 759.
The channels and calls tabs are displaying several frequencies. With the exception of the 143.685 control channel, they're all in the 853-867 range. The calls scroll in the bottom half of the window, and the "Target ID" is briefly displayed next to one of the frequencies up in the top half of the window. (I'm assuming this is the frequency that gets passed onto the Voice receiver for tuning).

So it appears that the calls are being properly tracked on the frequency, I just need to figure out how to get the voice receiver to pick up a frequency properly.