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Originally Posted by KD3MW View Post
Today I put the scanner in the car and drove from Mt. Airy towards Frederick on 144. Just outside town I began to receive FC Fire. At the New Market Food Lion, the radio was working perfectly! Seems like there is an electromagnetic "door" at the county line!

Interestingly this evening, when a thunderstorm came through, the scanner was picking up FC. Must have been some ducting going on.
The Prince George's County Phase II system is like that. on 495 between exits 29 and 28, little to no signal, cross New Hampshire Ave (ext 28) and the county line and BLAM! they come in like gang busters. Same going the other way, cross NH Ave heading west and the signal goes out like a light switch going off.

That wasn't ducting occurring. The winds aloft were pushing the signals with them!

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