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Originally Posted by KD3MW View Post
Hi! New user here. My old analog scanner finally dies and I wanted to purchase a digital unit in anticipation of Carroll County going digital and to listen to Frederick County Fire. Bought a RS PRO-652 and had no problem loading Carroll through RadioReference download. However, have tried everything to receive Frederick County without success. I can load control channel and it populates other frequencies and the scanner seems to be scanning the system as I get a SS reading. However no audio what so ever. Downloading from RadioRef also did not work. Will FC ever work with the PRO-652 or should I return it? And if so, what would be recommended replacement?

Thanks for any input/suggestions.
I live is strasburg va at the junction of intertstate 66 and interstate 81 and copy frederick county,md on
my scanner on my dresser on 153.845 if all else fails use that freq. My antenna is a square of # 18 wire on my wall total length is 300 inches because i use it for low band from 30.45 up to 45.00mhz. I used the same one in the air force on my wall for 39.50 in Louisiana but u can find the total length in inches 12060/freq or of each of the 4 sides for your use using the formula 3015/freq Feed the antenna by cutting one of the sides and hook ur coax to it. i used the right side and cut it half way up and ran the coax with a bnc to my scanner. I tried hooking the center of the coax to the wire going up and the shiels to the piece going down the difference wasnt very much. For higher freq or stronger signals i am sure the antenna that came with ur scanner might work. I did notice for 453 Mhz the 6 inches on top of my scanner works better and doesnt degrade my low band freq like 33.86 ans 39.34 and 39.26 and etc

Joe Leonard
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