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STE on Baofeng radios is not compatible with normal industry standard CTCSS reverse burst.

Enabling STE on Baofeng and Wouxun (maybe other Chinese radios) causes the radio to send a 55 Hz tone for about 250 mS (1/4 second) when the radio unkeys. When the receiver detects a 55 Hz tone it mutes. the STE menu setting has no effect on the receiver. It responds to the 55 Hz tone all the time unless DCS decode is enabled.

On the UV-5R menus 36 RP-STE and 37 RPT-RL are non functional. I don't know if they are on the UV-82.

DCS squelch tail elimination on Baofeng and Wouxun is the same standard 134.4 Hz DCS turnoff code as used by other manufacturers and and should be compatible, but on my radios DCS STE doesn't always mute properly.

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