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We finally took the truck out to work again (been using the other work truck a lot recently). So here she is, kinda dirty but still working just fine. I wanted to get her all shined up before posting but work trucks are never clean for more than 5 minutes

The CB antennas are still holding nicely straight on the mirrors and they dont put too much stress in the frame. Each antenna has a ground wire that runs down to the truck frame instead of using the mirror as the ground. After we mounted both antennas we checked SWR and got a 1:1-1:2 right away with no tuning. After we cleaned everything up and set the radio we checked again and get 1:0-1:1 .....and we still haven't tuned the antennas

The Spectra is still working wonderfully after some dusty air, tree slapping and hard wind 6 months of use. I can still just barely pick up 800mhz 25+ miles away while on the highway, so I'm pretty happy.
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