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Default bcd536hp

Does a fine job with P25 conventional but a poor job with P25 trunked systems. I tried FM.. NFM little if any change. About 50% dropouts, distortion, and incomplete transmissions.

I monitor the same public service system with a 796D and a PRO 96. the copy is great would hardly know it is digital. Virtually no drop outs no distortion or incomplete signals. If I hear it so does the dispatcher.

The 796D has the capability to adjust the P25 trunked signals for best quality. The 536 does not have an adjustment capability of trunked P25 only for conventional P25.

I had the 796 and the 536 side by side monitoring the same P25 trunked system. The 796 was perfectly clear. The 536 all distorted on the same transmissions. I thought I was upgrading and the 536 does have some great features that I was looking for but without P25 trunked I will give up the other features. I had the radio about four days got frustrated and sent it back to the store.