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Default Results of my testing

Jersey City Trunking System, Jersey City, New Jersey - Scanner Frequencies
Although labeled as Simulcast, there is only one site to this system

Default (NFM) Poor (Garbled & frequent intermittent dropouts - even after manual threshold adjustment.)

(FM): Definitely a slight improvement, but far from acceptable.
I also noticed:
:When changed to FM that radio would stop on TG's though no traffic was being passed. Going back to NFM stopped this from happening.

: This system gives me 3 consistent bars on the S meter. Switching to another antenna (rooftop) improves the random dropouts, but audio quality is still "very garbled". My 996 does so much better!

: Inserted a variable attenuator and saw the degradation occur when signal level drops below 3 bars on S meter.

: Was able to duplicate all the above with another system (Bergen County)
Bergen County Public Safety Trunking System, Bergen County, New Jersey - Scanner Frequencies

BOTH systems are in the 470 mhz range
Strangely, these problems do not exist on systems up on 800 mhz., even some that are much weaker.

Conclusion: With the current firmware, P25 operation is POOR.