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Originally Posted by ridgescan View Post
Whats doin Joe-glad you have the antenna ready. Your ground rod should be 8'. Also, if there is a cold water supply pipe nearby your feedline, or an electrical service conduit nearby that goes underground to the service, those make good grounds too. Depending upon the conductive characteristics of the earth into which your ground will go, sometimes one rod is inadequate, in which case guys will drive two or three every 8'. If RF is all you're after, it will be ok though.
BTW have ya tried the setup on SW yet to at least see how much pull it has? And how many feet is the slinky?

For reads

According to Google a slinky is typically 70-80 feet, Max 87 feet. I bought an original, with 30 ft of feedline that's 100 -110 feet-ish. It about 30 feet up and hangs (under the weight & stuff) about 20 feet. Nice thing is you can barely see it. Its a heck of a lot better than the stock whip and while the powered Kaito SW amplified diamond contraption I bought & hung in a window, beat the whip. The slinky puts them both to shame. Thanks to much input & help here, running a wire anywhere near my gutters would be a waste so this will have to do. Thanks for the grounding info... I got a lot of sledgehammer time coming up!
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