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Originally Posted by ridgescan View Post
I say get some 50 0r 75 ohm coax from your radio out the window, then connect that coax's braid to the rod, then coax center conductor to the slinky lead. Then you'll have proper poise/counterpoise antenna system. This will likely knock out some RFI and give cleaner signals.
EDIT-so from what i have seen looking at your 440 there's an "RCA" jack for external antenna right? So for the radio side of that 50 ohm coax run, I would just leave a 3 inch lead off an RCA jack-the RCA negative wire (or shield) goes to the coax braid at that end, then the RCA positive wire goes to coax center conductor (keep the leads short at the RCA jack so the coax is the main feed to the slinky) This way the coax will protect good signal and you'll pick up less crap.
A redesign! I hasn't considered using coax for my lead! At the slinky end would it matter if I loosely wrapped the ground wire (attached to the coax shield/weave) down the lead coax to the ground rod. It'd be like 20-25 feet then drop right down to the rod. The rest of the lead coax just would go thru the window to the radio. I'd rather not attach the ground line & just have it drop off & run along the ground to the rod...
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