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Default Grounds?

Originally Posted by ochbchuck View Post
I was searching the web, i can across about having a good ground within the radio. I may try to re-solder the ground wire in the radio.
I wouldn't do that ochbchuck. Your problem isn't inside the radio, it is caused by the DC/DC converter in your iPhone's charger. Those things have a high frequency oscillator that drives a RF transformer with square waves (really high harmonic content) and they generate a lot of interference all across the spectrum.

Two things you can try that might help. Get a ferrite choke for the lead between the charger and the iPhone and move it around on the wire to find where it cuts down on the interference the most. Also try wrapping aluminum foil around the portion of the charger that sticks out of your car's power outlet. Also make sure you are using the 12v charger that Apple sells, not some cheap, after-market knock-off.

Good luck.
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