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Originally Posted by W8RMH View Post
I tried Zello for my feed when it first came out and it kept disconnecting. You just can't beat Broadcastify.

The only reason it would disconnect is either a setting that isn't set up right for this purpose, the computer going into sleep mode (also a setting), or just maybe a problem with your computer in particular.

It's all a matter of preference, some like Broadcastify, and some don't.

Saying that you can't beat it, however... I'm not so sure I'd agree. But, with that, I'm not saying this way is any more reliable either. Like I said... It's all a matter of preference. Personally, I like the Zello method because in my case it is easier to personalize and switch to whatever you want whenever you want. Besides this, I like the whole idea of being able to repeat transmissions, which you aren't able to do on both Broadcastify or real radio for that matter - it's more of a convenience, I guess. A big factor that might make a difference to some people is the difference in data streamed when using a straight "stream" versus the Zello method. With a stream, you're constantly streaming data no matter what is happening - so you could be using data while getting nothing out of the stream. Zello only streams when there is radio traffic, which could make a substantial difference, especially for those on limited data plans. In addition to this, Zello allows you to use other audio functions on the device, and it temporarily mutes them when radio traffic comes through. With a steady stream, you're limited to that and just that, and usually they just stop if you play music or make a call or something and you have to fire them back up again. With the Zello method, it's not affected by that, all it does is mute whatever you're doing (with the exception of phone calls, I think) and plays the traffic, then resumes your other audio.
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