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Originally Posted by rjk_165 View Post
Again... It's not a program-based problem, it's a problem that can be fixed.

The PTT lock is a pain in the *** - don't get me wrong. But as soon as you hit the sweet spot of the threshold, you're golden. It takes a little bit of trial and error, but when you get it, you'll have no problems.

As far as people stepping on the fire channel - set it to a broadcast only channel and limit traffic to JUST the fire channel, because you don't really need other people talking on top of it. If you do, make a separate talkaround channel.
My problem with the PTT lock wasn't the VOX activation threshold, I set that up using Audacity. It was the lock actually becoming unselected. I actually have since figured out why that was happening. If a connection to the internet is lost ie. Zello Host, it will unlock. I switched ISPs and its has been solid since.

The approved users weren't stepping over the fire coms on the channel. The Zello app (Windows verson hooked to the scanner) would intermittently unselect the fire channel and select the approved user instead which of course muted all radio traffic on the feed. I have made it a broadcast only channel to fix that.
I do have a talk channel and it makes sense to use it for the transmit part of this equation.
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