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Originally Posted by KA1RBI View Post
Hi Scott

Many thanks for this feedback - great to hear!

Also FWIW, it is interesting to note that P25 Phase II/TDMA RX support was added to OP25 in 2014.

Hi Max!

I knew Phase II support was added, and forgot to mention that during the edits/rereads of my post. I'm still on the older code base mainly because of the many changes I've made to my setup. When the GNURadio devs fix bug #745, I'll get current with everything. GNR requires all OOT modules to be removed prior to updating, and I'm not ready to go through that just yet.

Some day there will be people that finally have that "Ah-hah" moment like I did, when they realize how well OP25 actually works. There isn't any of that silly virtual audio patching and 4 different apps to accomplish one task. None of which can demodulate LSM, so thank you for that!

Here is short nine minute video I created to demonstrate OP25 on an LSM system. This system is a very difficult system(PAWM) to monitor on current digital scanners. Read the video description for complete details. There are some minor audio gaps heard, but that is due to high cpu load while recording the video. Those weren't heard during the actual recording. Enjoy!

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