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Default Unication junk

I've had my G1 for over a month and I'm ready to give it away for free because I'd feel guilty charging someone for it. Huge flaw in the software/firmware set around entering your tones. It will not accept any of mine.It rejects them and brings up a warning about spacing and kicks them back to whatever it wants to. My minitor 3 ,4 and 5 had no problems with my county tones. I've brought this up to 3 different techs from different states and still no solution. It might as well be a $30 used scanner from ebay cause it does me no purpose. Even under user defined it will not allow me to enter my tones. What's the point of user defined if it will not allow the user to enter their desired tones???
Example : Single long tone 855.5 it rejects it with a warning and kicks it down to 854.2
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