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I found a work around to fix the loss of a Zello scanner feed stopping because of VOX not staying active. It seem the VOX setting times out because of something the ISP does I think.

To restart the VOX all you have to do is key up Zello so I set a script to do this every 15 minutes. That way at least when it lose connection you will not miss much traffic.

Things to do in Zello:
Go to Tools Control set Push-to-talk to on and assign a Keyboard function key with the set button. I used F10

On the PC set open note pad and paste the following:

while true
set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject("")
WshShell.SendKeys "{F10}"
'Sleep for 15 min
WScript.Sleep(900 * 1000)

save the file and put a VBS extension on it
It needs to be run every time the computer is restarted and can be run by double clicking on it in a file explorer window.
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