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Shortly after we started shipping the BCD436HP and BCD536HP, we began to receive complaints regarding the clock needing to be reset after every power cycle. Some of these reports were related to needing to charge the internal real-time clock (RTC) battery for a while in order for time to be maintained. However, I also noticed some people reporting the RTC battery not keeping the time even after following the recommended procedure.

After investigating internally, we were at first unable to explain why this was happening. All units we checked worked as designed (and this is a common design as the HomePatrol-1 and HomePatrol-2, for which we've received virtually no complaints). I was able to exchange known good units with some customers who had known bad units and we confirmed that these bad units really were bad. However, the cause was elusive.

Recently, however, Engineering has been able to determine that the failure is caused by an intermittent production issue, and we are preparing a service campaign for affected units. We believe fewer than 5% of total units are experiencing this issue.

To test if your scanner is subject to this repair campaign, follow these steps:

1) Operate the scanner continuously for 2 days (turn it down at night, if need be). For the BCD436HP, you can operate continuously by connecting a USB Power Source to the scanner and selecting "Serial Mode" at the prompt.

2) Turn off the scanner overnight.

3) Turn on the scanner.

If you were prompted to enter the time in Step 3, then your scanner is affected.

Our general procedure will be to send you a shipping label, expedite repair on your scanner when it is received, then ship your scanner back to you. Based on similar campaigns, we do not expect your scanner to be out of your hands for more than about 2 weeks during normal repair facility operation.

We are building a site for you to enter your personal and scanner information, and also waiting to receive a stock of repair parts, which should arrive in about 2 weeks.

Once the web site is operational, I will post the link to this thread. We might start processing repairs sooner than 2 weeks (we have some parts on hand), but our target to be fully ready is about March 11.
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