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First, I want to apologize for the delay in starting this program. We’ve been studying the long-term results from the initially proposed fix, and found them lacking. We will continue to study for a hardware solution, but in the mean time we will make some software changes to remove a lot of the annoyance loss of an accurate real-time clock has been causing.
We will issue an update for the BCD536HP, BCD436HP, and HomePatrol-2 (which, while not currently exhibiting the problem shares enough of the design features that we suspect they might start to arise on some units) that will do the following:
· Upon startup, if the clock setting has been lost, you’ll simply be asked if you want to set the clock. If you answer “Yes”, then you will go through the existing dialog. However, if you answer “No” the scanner will set a default (incorrect to real-time) time and otherwise start normally. The default clock setting will allow the scanner to operate normally for events that happen on a timed basis, but otherwise don’t rely on having the actual real time known.
· Many files that are currently named based on the time setting will change to be named based on a simple sequential numbering basis (i.e. file0001, file0002, file0003).
· If you request a function where knowing the current time is helpful, and you booted using a default time rather than the actual time, then you will again be prompted, asking if you want to enter the correct time. If you answer “No” then the default time will continue to be used. Knowing the correct time is helpful for Record (so that when you play back, you can see the actual time stamp of each recording) and for Weather Alert (which has events that expire at specific times), but the functions will continue to operate, albeit not ideally, using any random time.
There might be some other minor changes relating to the above adjustments, but the above hits the high points.
We are still working with engineering to determine a timeline for this update. Note that we are prioritizing this work ahead of other firmware tasks, so developing this fix will delay slightly the release of the Analyze functions for the BCD436HP and BCD536HP beyond what I had previously estimated.
Again, Uniden cannot even begin to apologize enough for this issue. We do thank you for your patience and understanding.
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