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I somehow killed my Win500 android app. It will now only work when on AWAY and when on the WiFi my scanner is connected to via LAN to the router. If I switch my Android phone from WiFi to 4G, I get a Timed Out Connecting To Host error.

To be clear here, I am not attempting to or using the HOME feature, where everything is routed through a WiFi network, I am set to using AWAY, and simply toggling off the WiFi RX on my phone. This is driving me crazy, have been trying to fix this for 6 hours with no luck. I use this thing for work, so not being able to get this running again will be a major PITA. I bought several Pro197 scanners just to use with this app, so I am in a bit of a bind. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

There simply is no alternate to this app until Uniden comes out with their Siren app, which would require over $1000 in new scanner purchases.....ugh.

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