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Cool Red River call sign heard back in the early 90's.

Originally Posted by allenmarks View Post
Red River call sign has been active of late on 11.175. Can anyone verify that this is Barksdale AFB, Louisiana?

For sure, not a guess......
I remember this call sign "Red River" being used often in the early 1990's. Another like it was "Red Cliff" used in the late 1980's.
Its doubtful anyone would know the location unless your receiver frontend was swamped by the signal for knowing it to be in the area. These aircraft HF signals can be strong from thousands of mile out depending on day to day RF conditions on the bands.

Interesting "Red River" call sign is back again. Hum... Keep listening in. If the signal bends your S-meter its a good guess the transmission is darn close hi, hi. 11.175 Mhz has always been a fun one to listen into over the years. Back in the late 80's on occasion's some more than interesting radio traffic was in the clear when someone forgot to encrypt. SWL is much like fishing. Just when you think you won't catch a thing the Big One hits Martha! >))))()*> Keep fishing and let us all know.

Just remember nation first! Radio hobby #2, always. Loose lips and ships don't go together. Be C@@L.
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