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Originally Posted by DSheirer View Post
I posted a new build (0.1.3) of sdrtrunk and updated the JMBE library (0.1.3).

-Supports P25 audio conversion to 48 kHz sample rate for better compatibility with some sound cards

-Significant updates to the JMBE P25 audio library to improve audio quality and reduce dropouts
-P25 C4FM channel frequency tracking issues

-Multi-path impact on P25 LSM/CQPSK decodes - still working this issue.
-P25 C4FM frequency drift tracking - sometimes when you change tuner frequency, one or more of the P25 decoders will stop decoding - WORKAROUND: change the tuner frequency slightly up/down

Thanks for your effort, Denny. I'll give this a try later today.

I'm making a presumption, but if you truly have LSM support built in [ala the OP25 LSM code], there wouldn't be an issue with multipath impact on P25 LSM/CQPSK decode because that is specifically what that code was meant to address -- no? I've tested out the OP25 quite a bit on LSM systems, and its really a stellar performer. Seems to me if that your code is handling LSM based upon OP25, multipath should be moot since LSM support automatically implies that there is going to be multipath and thus deals with that.

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