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Originally Posted by booster2003 View Post
Ive tried convincing him that buying crap radios just means that we are going to spend more money on crap radio replacements.
Just pull out your four function calculator and add up how many cheapo radios have been bought, how many hours of lost productivity dealing with cheap radios, then run the numbers of what good quality Icom or Kenwood radios would run. You'll find that buying a quality radio that will work right the first time, everytime will SAVE money in both costs and man hours.

Originally Posted by booster2003 View Post
He has spent so much money on crap before I came along, that he thinks thats all thats out there I guess.
My former employer used to waste money on race to waste pet projects but wouldn't pay for the basics. For example, they bought APX4000 trunking radios on a county DTRS for in facility use, which is 99 percent of their needs, and pay $44 a month per radio to be on the system.

Yet they still have a bootleg UHF repeater used by maintenance and balked when I suggested they coordinated and properly licensed. I guess gambling the risk of paying FCC fines is a better bargain

All one can do is present the information, make sure you save those emails and all communication, that way when it goes bad you can't get blamed.
NO I will not help program your trunking radio. All opinions are exclusively those of the author and in no way reflect the position of his employer, contractors or other parties.
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