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Default External speaker that some may consider

I am adding this may be a better economic decision for an external speaker . This is not to say the Valor is not a good speaker addition, just the $135 dollar price and the expensive batteries may force other to look in another direction. I got this off of Amazon.
Was $6.69 but is now $9.99. Unit is the size of a $1.00 bill, runs on 2 AA batteries, and provides plenty of sound. Its actually 2 speakers and it will play stereo if the sound source delivers that. I have added a small 8" cable that extends the speakers input cable. I think its kind of short. In a vehicle the sound delivered is plenty loud to over come road noise. I use it on a 396xt, I don't have a meter to determine what sound level increase the speaker provides but I feel its double or more what the radio alone puts out. I normally run the radio with the external speaker on a setting of 4 or 5. 8 or 9 without and a higher battery drain on the higher settings. Depending on use, the batteries in the external speaker last a month or longer. I seemed to remember current draw was 20 mah.
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