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Originally Posted by teufler View Post
I am adding this may be a better economic decision for an external speaker . This is not to say the Valor is not a good speaker addition, just the $135 dollar price and the expensive batteries may force other to look in another direction. I got this off of Amazon. iLuv SmashBox (iSP110) Portable Amplified Stereo Speaker Case: MP3 Players & Accessories
Was $6.69 but is now $9.99. Unit is the size of a $1.00 bill, runs on 2 AA batteries, and provides plenty of sound. Its actually 2 speakers and it will play stereo if the sound source delivers that. I have added a small 8" cable that extends the speakers input cable. I think its kind of short. In a vehicle the sound delivered is plenty loud to over come road noise. I use it on a 396xt, I don't have a meter to determine what sound level increase the speaker provides but I feel its double or more what the radio alone puts out. I normally run the radio with the external speaker on a setting of 4 or 5. 8 or 9 without and a higher battery drain on the higher settings. Depending on use, the batteries in the external speaker last a month or longer. I seemed to remember current draw was 20 mah.
This doesn't seem like a bad idea in theory, and might be worthwhile to look into for someone on a budget. It does appear cumbersome and without a solid clip might have more of a propensity to swing around a bit. Also looks large. For the money build quality and durability can't be expected to be the best. The replacement batteries for the VALOR aren't bad at all, they can be found on ebay for less than $4. I still would prefer something more purpose built and convenient for the application of monitoring a radio. I can clip mine anywhere and the size and sound is great. Also, on a side note, I was recently caught out in a monsoon like rain for several hours outside and got thoroughly drenched. I had my mic on and although it wasn't immersed in water or anything of the like it did get pretty wet. Works just fine. I was impressed!
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