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Default Question for old crystal scanner guys

I have been into scanners since the late 1970's started off with crystal scanners and still love them!

I of course have a new digital scanner (BCD-325D) but since I live in an area that still has some PD, Fire and other stuff on VHF and UHF I still get to play with my crystal scanners!

I have two Realistic scanners (Pro-53 and Pro-55) that for some reason are fussy about the 460.200 frequency. The 3 crystals I have now work fine in a Regency scanner I have but are off frequency in the Realistic scanners. The Pro-55 is brand new in the box.

I guess it is possible that the 3 crystals I have now are just bad enough to not work in the Pro-53 and Pro-55 but close enough for the Regency ACT-E-106 scanner. Maybe the Realistic scanners are more sensitive to the exact frequency.

I have other UHF crystals that work fine in the Pro-53 and Pro-55, 453.400, 453.775, 460.100 all work fine, 460.200 gives me nothing!

I called Gary at Scanner Crystals | Bearcat Regency Police Fire EMS Radio Scanner Crystal who really knows his stuff. He said that some scanners need the crystal tuned just for that model and that is why he always asks what make and model the scanner is when ordering crystals, it is not as simple as 10.7 or 10.8 in some cases.

Anyway, he said he is going to see if he can get me a 460.200 crystal tuned for my Pro-55, so I am hopeful!

I posted this to see if any old timers remember this sort of thing...

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