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Originally Posted by MTS2000des View Post
The bottom line is service monitors don't lie. I have put a UV-5R and UV-82 on an R8000 and they mimic the same results in the ARRL tests.

For those who say "I don't care what some fancy piece of test equipment states I like the radio", my question is do you value your license as much? Is one willing to accept the liability for the potentially harmful consequences that could arise if one's transmitter were to cause harmful interference to other radio services such as aircraft and public safety?

As hams, we are all held to a higher standard of technical proficiency. We are not just radio consumers, we are supposed to be radio enthusiasts with a greater respect and understanding of the rules as well as display technical fortitude and not just act like a bunch of ignorant appliance operating consumers.
I could not possibly agree more. This is exactly what my thinking was when I first saw this article and independent tests showing the spurious emissions being as bad as they are.

I don't have one of theses radios to play with. A buddy does and I want to put it on my service monitor for the fun of it. But I expect to the same results.

When I started in radio it was Alinco, Yaesu, and iCom for me. Now that I can afford better toys I only run Motorola. But I expect more out of my radios and also need the features that they offer as well as Part 90 compliance. Didn't even pain me to buy an APX... Just made me want more of them!
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