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Since the CS release of the MD-380 at $130, our system in S. Florida has been swamped with these radios like cockroaches coming out of the woodwork. Most sound fine, but one had such loud tx audio, the repeater owner told him to talk into the back of the radio. Sounds ok then. Another user while talking on TS2 was causing interference with the guys on TS1. I heard that myself, so it's not hearsay. Now with 2 Tytera dealers having a sub $130 price war, I see more of these junk radios coming to our system. The system owner is upset because the charter members with Motorola, & Hytera radios are complaining. These MD-380's are the Baofeng, & Wouxun of the DMR world. Anyone on a budget considering one of these radios should consider a CS700, 750 or Quantun QP-2100. [All Covalue radios] At least they don't bleed over into the other time slot. GARY N4KVE

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