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Thank God the UK banned hunting, banned guns, AND banned marine on land many years ago. With the UK being smaller than many of your States, only a central slice of the country would allow illegal use of Marine to go un-noticed. I've got a marine license for some of the radio installs I do, and the coastguard around our coast has a nice DF facility showing where a calling station is - and they smile when it very clearly shows the origin as many miles on land. If they are on an important channel, they may instigate action, but on any of the non-safety channels, they don't really pay any interest. Radio to radio, on land, performance is limited enough to not really make it worth worrying about. Using Marine VHF in an inland state in the US, is hardly going to trouble people at sea - so probably not high on your agencies priority list, until they get caught for something else, then the radio charge gets added for good measure!
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