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Originally Posted by NCOBX View Post
I have a question for you guys as I am brand new to the digital scanning world. On the NC Viper system how do you tell which sites go with which talk groups? When I use the Viper System it adds a crap load of sites that it has to scan through just to listen to the few talk groups that I use. I wind up missing half of the stuff due to scanning sites that I am sure are not important to my talk groups. Is there a way to make the sites a little easier to match up to the talk groups ?
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Knowing which exact scanner you are using to listen to VIPER will help us help you further but I can safely assume it is a scanner with the entire US/Canada database such as a HomePatrol scanner or a Radio Shack/Whistler scanner.
I would look at either avoiding or deleting sites you have no chance of monitoring on a daily basis. Once you narrow down your scanner to just the VIPER sites in your local area you should see improved performance. In the VIPER database entry you can see the local sites for your county by looking in the "County" Column.
As a general rule of thumb VIPER Talkgroups come in couple of flavors:
1) Statewide Access Talkgroups....these talkgroups have (of course) statewide access and can show up on any VIPER site at any time...examples are the Statewide Event Talkgroups Alpha-Hotel.
2) Local Access talkgroups.....these talkgroups are limited to the geographic area in which they will be used. Example is the Durham County Law Talkgroup. It works in Durham County and in one neighboring county each direction. The Durham County Law Talkgroup will not work in Guilford County as there would be no need for Durham Comms in that area.
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