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Originally Posted by NCOBX View Post
Thank you for the welcome Marshall and the response. I am using a Uniden BCD536HP. I would love to go in and avoid the unneeded sites but this is where my confusion sets in on how this stuff works. One of the things I wish to hear is Med Center Air from Charlotte. I am in Catawba County and have our sites figured out, but I am unsure on what site I would need to keep to still be able to hear Med Center Air. Mecklenburg has 4 different sites. Do all 4 of these need to be kept or just one ? I hate to sound like a complete noob at this, but I am. I am sure I will get the hang of this, just miss the old days of just poking in a freq. and there she be.

Welcome Shannon,

Let me see if i can help a bit.

You have to be in range of a tower to receive transmissions. I'm unaware of any Meck towers that you can get in Catawba county. Basically if a radio from MCA affiliates with (gets in range of) a tower that you are in range of you will hear and traffic on that talkgroup if you are monitoring that tower. You are correct to assume that the Meck towers are not needed (none of them) unless you are in range of those towers. this would probably require a high powered outdoor antenna and being located in the southern portion of the county.

Basically you could avoid all of the towers except for the ones near you that you can receive, unless you are travelling. I'd start with Baker, Anderson, and Riverbend and avoid any other that are in there. I imagine if you are monitoring more than a few towers it feels like a really slow scan. This is in very basic and laymen's terms, but it's a starting point.

Hope this helps,
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