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The program does set / remove Pass references, but because of the 'bug' you may need to click the button more than once as things stand now.

The program sends all the correct codes, so (if) AOR correct the problem, the program will respond accordingly, and only one click will be needed.

It is much easier to deal with 'PASS' control using the program, than by doing it on the receiver, as it just needs mouse clicks on the Pass button.

I believe AOR know about this. The problem is when they send out new firmware they rarely (if ever) describe any changes they have made re. computer control.

As it states in the .pdf file, there are still a few firmware anomalies, but the program copes with these, and the program is designed not only to 'work around' them, but also to respond correctly after AOR fix them.

In almost every case the user will not even be aware that any firmware bugs exist.
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