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Originally Posted by marlbrook View Post
Despite answering questions here almost straight away, I keep getting a message stating my first 4 posts need to be vetted by a moderator, and may be delayed up to 24 hours, even though I passed the 4 message barrier a few posts ago. I did get in touch with a Moderator who tells me no such limitation (message) exists (lol), so I guess that means I am lying (sigh).
Welcome to RR. I'm sure you'll be fine shortly.... this forum uses a very effective (and VERY necessary) spam blocking routine for the benefit of all.

A quote from the "Attention all new members" post - that was probably updated since the message was written that says 4 posts:


Currently we are not disclosing the number of posts that need approval before the account is upgraded to normal status, which enables the above features.
At this link:

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