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Default So was I not really seeing that message, just imagining it?

The thing is resolved now. The message no longer appears. Either I imagined the message on the 7 times it appeared after I tried to post, or you are mistaken (or of course as I said I was lying? (lol).

The message I saw (perhaps only in my mind) stated that for the first 4 posts all messages had to be viewed by a moderator, which could take up to 24 hours.

I am not disputing the validity of the process, just got a bit fed up when after 7 posts it still kept appearing.

If i really did imagine it, I need to speak to a psychiatrist, so PLEASE let me know a definitive answer.

Joking aside, the site software does display that message, no doubt for very good reasons, but it fails to stop showing the message even after the 4 message limit is reached.

Do you really not believe me?
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