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Originally Posted by marlbrook View Post
Hi-- can you give me a good link to download the program? The site listed on your web page points to page where uploads are done. Can you give me a good page when I can download the program.
I just received an email from the Forum which included the above message, but I can find no trace of it here?

There are TWO lines to the link. You need to cut and paste both lines into your Browser. If you just do the first line it takes you to the Upload page, but the full link will take you to the program, Cheers
I deleted the message after I experimented with your link a bit and was able to get the program to download. I did set it up on one of my computers, but as per your instructions, it did not run because it was not hooked up to a radio.

If I borrow my friend's DV1 this weekend, I will follow your directions in order to get it working. I can see from your videos and your pdf file that you put quite a bit of work into the program.

Good luck in your endeavor.
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