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I never intended to write the program. When I first looked at the Butel Site it showed a picture at the bottom of what appeared to be 'real time' computer control. I downloaded the demo, but that part did not exist. I tried again with their next version with the same result and realised they had removed the picture (although the empty frame was still visible (as it is as of today).

So I started to write a program which did control the receiver. I quickly realised why anyone would give up in despair (sigh), but it is not in my nature to give up. After working 12 to 14 hours a day (with no time off for good behaviour), after 2 months I had a good working prototype, and it dawned on me that it really was pretty good, so I set about adding functions I would not have needed just for me, and making it look good too.

Well after another month, and a lot of heartache / despair it was ready.

So I decided to offer it for sale, partly because it was a labour of love, partly because the AR-DV1 deserved a really neat program to control it, and of course partly to see if I could recoup some of my lost life.

Controlling the AR-DV1 from the PC is quite an experience, so much easier than clicking lots of buttons on the radio.

I reckon if I sell 100 copies that will work out at about a penny an hour considering the time I put into it lol.

Adding the Descrambler functions was a challenge. Almost impossible to do anything with them from the receiver itself, with so many combinations, menus, and buttons. My program has sliders to cope with all of that for both Analogue and Digital modes.

The final thing I did was add full control over entering, viewing, and manipulating Memory Channels. It really is so simple to do this with my program (I hope you agree).

I really look forward to hearing from you after you manage to use the Demo. There is very little the program does not do. I made a decision NOT to include writing to the Memory card, as it would have been too easy for that to cause problems for the user. I have followed your posts carefully over the last few months, and they are excellent.
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